Drake Celebrates Breaking the Beatles' 55-Year Billboard Chart Record with Bling and Bitcoin

He simply had to do it to 'em

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 16, 2022

In addition to figuring out how to one-up the standard "I Heart Mom" tattoo by inking mama's initials on his face, Drake has hit another pretty big milestone: his "Staying Alive" collaboration with fried chicken mogul DJ Khaled and Lil Baby debuted at No. 5 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 chart, marking Drizzy's 30th top five single — and surpassing the record of 29, previously held for 55 years by the Beatles (not to be confused with HAIM).

As per Billboard, Drake has also now had 100 entries in the Hot 100's top 20, which is more than any other artist in the chart's 64-year history. Regardless of whether you care about or even pay attention to the numbers, this is a ridiculous accomplishment for an artist by any standards, so even the typa guy with a private jet making 14-minute flights might see these chart records as cause for tooting the horn, so to speak.

Naturally, the rapper celebrated in an appropriately Drake way: with bling and Bitcoin.

He shared some snippets of his festivities on Instagram yesterday (August 15) with a photo dump (as the kids are calling it) including video clips that depicted him winning $5.13 million in a game of virtual roulette and rocking some serious carat wattage with a diamond-encrusted ring on his finger, as well as snapshots of a Bitcoin tracker showing $24,000 (real money or fake?) earned and a woman playing a grand piano while arching her back, among other things.

"Ok I broke my records for the month," Drake wrote in the caption, "now me and @stake need you to do your thing Bitcoin." (What, exactly, is this thing Bitcoin apparently does?)
For good measure, he followed it up with a post on his Instagram story that appears to have been taken at a celebratory feast, featuring a plate with "Just another celebration" scrawled across it in sauce.
Sauce for someone who's clearly already got the sauce; well played (and plated), chef.

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