Twitter Reacts to Rumour That Drake Put Hot Sauce in Used Condom After Sex

Way 2 Sexy to pay child support

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 11, 2022

Much like Beyoncé, Drake has hot sauce in his bag.

We're coming up on seven years since the release of "Hotline Bling," so it's natural that the rapper has evolved and moved on to making that hot sauce drip — into the condom after sex, reportedly.

The rumours have been circulating via the gossip Instagram account @TooMuchHotTea, and also include a straight-no-chaser description of what Drake brings to the party.

Allegedly, the 6ix God had sex with an Instagram model he met over the social media platform at a hotel a few weeks ago. Reports say they used protection — well done — and that, after they were finished, Drizzy discarded the used condom into the trash like a gentleman.

However, the unnamed woman was scheming on the low: she proceeded to fish the condom out of the garbage, untie it and attempt to insert the contents into her vagina — presumably to impregnate herself and extort the musician for child support money.

But instead, she quite literally got burned. Drake reportedly admitted that he put a packet of hot sauce into the used condom to kill the sperm. The alleged sauce was allegedly hot, and the model apparently said it felt like she had poured "hot lava into her pussy."

Reports add that the Instagram model is now threatening to sue the rapper for the Tabasco fiasco.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with this ridiculous rumour, and you can see some of the best reactions to the saucy bit of gossip below.

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