The Beatles' Arrival in Canada Commemorated with New National Music Centre Exhibit

From Me to You: The Beatles in Canada 1964–1966 opens July 10 at Calgary's Studio Bell

Photo: The Canada Press Images

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 11, 2024

With the upcoming Sam Mendes biopics reportedly cast, the Beatles will soon be returning to the silver screen with at least four new feature films commemorating their impossible-to-overstate influence. However, if you're looking for more of a fully immersive experience (and/or not really down to wait however long it's gonna take for those Mendes movies), the National Music Centre (NMC) is also launching a new Beatles exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the band's arrival in Canada.

From Me to You: The Beatles in Canada 1964–1966 will run from July 10 until January 5, 2025, accessible with paid admission to Calgary's Studio Bell. Press notes point to the exhibit capturing the Canadian cultural landscape of the 1960s — and how the seismic force of Beatlemania shook it up — through rare photographs, memorabilia and audiovisual treasures.

"This exhibition is a must-see for any Beatles fan who wants to relive the band's early years, and the cultural influence it brought to Canada," said Piers Hemmingsen, the music historian and author of The Beatles in Canada: The Origins of Beatlemania who loaned NMC much of the items in the exhibition. "While much of the attention around Beatlemania was focused on the US, Canada was first to recognize the band and embrace its music. This exhibition is sure to bring back cherished memories that capture the spirit of that unforgettable time."

NMC President and CEO Andrew Mosker added, "We are thrilled to commemorate this milestone anniversary with an exhibition that celebrates The Beatles' monumental impact on music and culture in Canada. From Me to You: The Beatles in Canada 1964–1966 offers a unique opportunity for visitors to relive the excitement of Beatlemania. This exhibition is a testament to the band's enduring influence after landing in North America 60 years ago."

The Beatles first touched down in Canada on August 18, 1964, while flying from London to San Francisco for their first North American tour. When their jet stopped off in Winnipeg to refuel, the Fab Four made a brief appearance and greeted the throng of fans and reporters gathered at the airport. The band's first official Canadian concert was days later at the Empire Stadium at Vancouver's PNE on August 22.

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