Drake Had His Own Book Thrown at Him on Stage: "You Lucky I'm Quick"

Were the "randomly angry poets" to blame?
Drake Had His Own Book Thrown at Him on Stage: 'You Lucky I'm Quick'
The concert projectiles continue to fly, with Drake nearly getting hit by a book while on stage, proving not only that Titles Ruin Everything, but immensely entitled ticket holders with decent throwing arms do, too.

Footage published by TMZ shows the artist on stage Friday (August 18) during the first of two shows at the Chase Center in San Francisco, delivering one of his patented monologues between songs.

Not unlike the cellphone lobbed at him in June, a book — which looks an awful lot like his aforementioned Titles Ruin Everything — soon flies into the frame. As you can see below, Drake reaches up and snags the poetic projectile without missing a beat.

"You lucky I'm quick," he says before tossing the tome to the stage floor. "Would've had to beat your ass if that hit me in the face."

Once again, we ask ourselves: what was the thought process here? Was the person hoping Drake would pull a Sharpie from his light-up tactical vest to sign the book mid-set? Were they hoping for a refund from the man himself? Or was it the latest display of distaste from "randomly angry poets" for the artist's wisdom?

Perhaps we'll hear some further thoughts about all these near misses on forthcoming new album For All the Dogs, which has yet to receive a release dates.

Drake's It's All a Blur tour with 21 Savage will soon make its way back to Canada, with shows set for Vancouver and Toronto.