Do Linkin Park Have a New Singer? Don't Ask Orgy's Jay Gordon

The frontman has now said his claims were taken "out of context"

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 3, 2024

Since Chester Bennington's death in 2017, Linkin Park have done a good job of keeping busy. Between Mike Shinoda's solo career, treating Hybrid Theory to an anniversary reissue and releasing long-lost music, the band aren't on hiatus as much as they're working within their circumstance.

That soon may change, if Orgy's Jay Gordon is to be trusted. He discussed a rumour he heard that the nu metal mainstays might have a new singer while talking to KCAL 96.7's RadioActive Mike Z. Turns out, a little birdie told him Bennington's successor may be a woman.

UPDATE (4/3, 3:22 p.m. ET): Gordon has now issued a statement clarifying — but mostly retracting — what he said before, as well as suggesting that the radio host pried him for the scoop. Here's what the musician wrote on Facebook:

With regards to this linkin park singer thing. I know nothing about any of that. People sure do love to take my words out of context. I love those guys and wish them the best. Wow I was like what in the actual f**k ? I said nothing about knowing any of that and never brought it up. I love Chester and there will never be another him ever. Strange that that dude said something to me about it not the other way around. get real dude. Not cool!

It's unclear what exactly was taken out of context when there is quite literally video footage of Gordon saying what he said.

"Very, very cool guys and obviously a great band," Gordon said of Linkin Park [via Loudwire]. "They've been around a long time and they're still going for it. It's going to be tough without Chester [Bennington], but we'll see. I hear they got a girl singer now. That's what I heard."

After a while, he backpedalled a little, saying, "Don't quote me on that. I'm not sure who the singer is going to be, but I heard it was gonna be female. They might just try to move on like that. That ought to be interesting."

Definitely not the most assured rumour, but huge if true! The Exclaim! staff have witnessed many women scream to Linkin Park at karaoke, and it rules.

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