Django Django "Beginning to Fade" (video)

Django Django 'Beginning to Fade' (video)
Scottish indie crew Django Django have unveiled yet another early peek at their upcoming Born Under Saturn. This time, the band are caught skipping rocks under an unnatural neon haze in the new video for slightly psychedelic strummer, "Beginning to Fade."

The track plays a little more organic than previous dance pop-dabbling Born Under Saturn previews like "First Light," with oscillated sine waves scrubbed out in favour of a folky shuffle, herky-jerk honky tonk piano, and swirling tremolo guitar textures. On display again, however, are the band's marvelously mellow multi-part vocal harmonies.

On the visual front, the video layers several scenes on top of each other, from shots of the band hucking rocks in the water, to bushels of flowers, to the sight of the sun reflecting hard off the pyramids.

You'll find the whole hypnotic package down below, while Born Under Saturn drops May 5 via Ribbon Music.