DJ Windows 98 "Jesus Walks, Loser" (Kanye West/Beck mashup)

DJ Windows 98 'Jesus Walks, Loser' (Kanye West/Beck mashup)
Ever since Kanye West protested Beck's Album of the Year victory at the Grammys, there has been a flurry of mashups, and the latest of these comes from DJ Windows 98, better known as Arcade Fire's Win Butler.

The mashup is called "Jesus Walks, Loser," and it logically pairs Yeezy's "Jesus Walks" with Beck's "Loser."

It takes a fairly simple approach, and primarily consists West's rapping placed overtop of Beck's beat. As the arrangement progresses, Butler uses some of the chanted vocals from "Jesus Walks" before the whole thing culminates in the "Loser" chorus.

Take a listen below, if you're so inclined. It's probably not the best mashup you've ever heard, but it's also not the worst.