Dixie Chicks Have Changed Their Name to the Chicks

Everything from the band's merch to their social media has been rebranded

Photo: Philippa Price

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 25, 2020

Perhaps it's a good thing that country pop trio Dixie Chicks were forced to postpone their comeback album Gaslighter. After all, the group have decided to drop the "Dixie" from their name and will now go by just "the Chicks."

While no major statement has been made just yet, all of the band's social media has been rebranded with the new moniker. They've also updated the Gaslighter cover, as well as their merch with the new name.

The term "Dixie" is associated with the Mason-Dixon line, which was an unofficial border that represented the separation between free states and slave states. After Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A, columnist Jeremy Helligar called the Dixie Chicks' name into question in a Variety column. 

Along with the name change comes a music video for the new single "March March," which can be viewed below.

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