Divine Fits "Ain't That The Way" / "Chained to Love" (lyric videos)

Divine Fits 'Ain't That The Way' / 'Chained to Love' (lyric videos)
Divine Fits' new "Ain't That The Way" / "Chained to Love" single comes out on vinyl next Tuesday (July 23), so the band are building some last-minute hype by fitting each track with a cinematic lyric vid.

First up is the Britt Daniel-sung "Ain't That the Way," where the singer's opening line "I got a few good ideas / Now how do I use them before I stand accused?" seems to be the inspiration behind the youth-gone-wrong footage. In it, you'll find vintage footage of a b-baller sliding into a life of glass-smashin' crime, to the chagrin of his mom and local police force.

Dan Boeckner's "Chained to Love" is treated to a black and white mash-up of romance flicks and explosive prison dramas.

You can see both clips down below.

As perviously reported, the 12-inch single arrives next Tuesday (July 23) through Merge.