Descendents Return with New Album '9th & Walnut'

Hear their newly shared song "Baby Doncha Know"
Descendents Return with New Album '9th & Walnut'
Get ready for some new Descendents, as the punk heroes have just announced a new album. The record is called 9th & Walnut, and it's headed our way on July 23 via Epitaph. Right now, you can get a taste via the newly shared track "Baby Doncha Know."

The album is named after the Long Beach intersection where they practiced early on in their career and features songs written before their first album was even released, with contributions coming from Descendents members from across the band's career. 

From songwriting to recording to mixing and actually releasing the thing, 9th & Walnut spans some 40 years of development, and it stands as the only Descendents release ever to feature the lineup of Milo Aukerman, Frank Navetta, Tony Lombardo and Bill Stevenson other than their classic 1982 debut Milo Goes to College.

With Descendents starting the record decades ago and recording the bulk of it in 2002, they only recently wrapped the LP thanks to the added downtime provided by the pandemic.

"During this COVID time, it's a good place to put this album out and let people enjoy it and have a little fun with it, and then we go back to our regularly scheduled programming, so to speak," Stevenson told Rolling Stone.

Of the newly shared song "Baby Doncha Know," Aukerman explained: "It's Frank's song, and a lot of Frank's music, especially during that period, was kind of steeped in bitter resentmen. So that comes out in 'Baby Doncha Know.' It's kind of a harsh lyric. I think at the time my 19-year-old self was kind of like, 'Oh, this is punk,' and I really liked it for the fact that it was just so in-your-face, but looking back, I go, 'Wow, that guy was pretty bitter about stuff.'"

You can hear the song below, where you'll also find the 18-song tracklist.

The upcoming marks Descendents first album since 2016's Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

As recently reported, Descendents will be replacing NOFX at the Punk Rock Bowling festival, which takes the place from September 24 to 26 in Las Vegas.

9th & Walnut:

1. Sailor's Choice
2. Crepe Suzette
3. You Make Me Sick 
4. Lullaby 
5. Nightage
6. Baby Doncha Know 
7. Tired of Being Tired 
8. I'm Shaky 
9. Grudge
10. Mohicans
11. Like the Way I Know 
12. It's A Hectic World 
13. To Remember 
14. Yore Disgusting 
15. It's My Hair 
16. I Need Some
17. Ride the Wild
18. Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five cover)