Dej Loaf "You Don't Know Me" / "I Got Problems"

Dej Loaf 'You Don't Know Me' / 'I Got Problems'
While earlier today (August 19), Canadian journo Nardwuar uploaded an interview attempting to find out more about Dej Loaf, the Detroit rapper might be a tougher nut to crack than we thought. Reason being, she's just issued a new single suggesting "You Don't Know Me."

The song is one of two tracks Dej Loaf delivered today. In it, she calls out the gossip folks trying to get up in her business. That said, she does reveal a few tough-talking details about her life above the sparkling piano lines and drum machine taps producer DDS brings to the table.

The pair also make a connection on "I Got Problems." The latter track likewise features a flood of shimmering textures, but plays out as an inspirational anthem as Loaf stakes her claim as a fearless rap game contender ("I'm in it for the long run. Lace me up").

You'll find both tracks streaming down below.