Dave Marsh The True Love Rules

Dave Marsh is a gifted songwriter and his fixation on edgy pop rock has yielded the best record from Halifax’s over-30 set in years. Sitting behind the Super Friendz and the Joel Plaskett Emergency as a solidly inventive drummer, Marsh is more than an unsung sideman and, on rare occasions, his distinctive compositions have snuck onto records by these aforementioned bands. The True Love Rules is Marsh’s first opportunity to stretch out and explore a crossroads that finds punk, glam rock, new wave and folk colliding beautifully. He invites past and present collaborators to help his shape infectious compositions, many of which celebrate Halifax. The big rock of "Backstreets Thread” is a fun roll call for local cronies, while traces of ’70s era Bowie are all over "Darling You, Nothing Else Matters” and "Move You Around.” There’s a cool kind of passion on The True Love Rules, a thoughtfully layered bit of cocky rock’n’roll by Dave Marsh. (New Scotland)