Dan Mangan Shares "All My People (Elsewhere Version)"

Hear the new version of his 'Being Somwhere' track

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 24, 2023

Dan Mangan has shared "All My People (Elsewhere Version)," a reimagined version of the track originally featured on his sixth album, Being Somewhere.

While the original track is atmospheric at times, it is grounded by a persistent percussive beat. The "Elsewhere Version" is stripped of all that, lending a new airy, hypnotic quality to the track that feels both intimate and distant at the same time.

"I didn't start with any particular plan," said Mangan in a press statement. "I just started deconstructing the song and exploring where else it might like to be constructed."

The indie-pop maestro began originally writing the track during the height of lockdowns, when social distancing was still mandatory, and social gatherings were strongly discouraged.

"Before it was even a real thing, it had lived several lives. My 40th birthday was looming in the distance. I pictured a party. This same home, full of people laughing. I pictured a huge pileup of shoes by the front door. Coats laid on the bed. It was one weird dream away," said Mangan.

Listen to "All My People (Elsewhere Version)" below.

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