Damon & Naomi to Release 'Fortune' Film Score

Damon & Naomi to Release 'Fortune' Film Score
Just as Dean Wareham has remained busy since the breakup of Galaxie 500, so too have Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang. Continuing on as Damon & Naomi, their latest album is called Fortune. Following a recent online premiere, it will be out on February 17 through their own 20/20/20 imprint.

While the album is being released in traditional formats — LP, CD, MP3 — Fortune is actually a soundtrack for Yang's otherwise-silent film of the same name. An announcement explains, "The visuals are so bound up in the music (and vice-versa) that it's more of a long-form music video, a visual poem set to the metronome of a textural score."

The piece was inspired by the recent passing of Yang's father, a photographer who left behind a huge archive of work. There's also a tarot card theme, plus painted portraits from the '40s and '50s. Despite the importance of the visuals, however, the music is designed to stand alone.

The entire thing has already premiered online; check out both the visuals and mellow acoustic music at the bottom of this page.

When Damon & Naomi tour in support of the album, they will perform the material as a live soundtrack from the film.

This follow's last year's Bootleg Edition of the 1995 album The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi. Their most recent new studio album was 2011's False Beats and True Hearts.


1. The Seeker
2. Amnesia
3. It's Over
4. Reflections
5. A Shining Dream
6. Shadows
7. Towards Tomorrow
8. Sky Memories
9. Hurt House
10. The North Light
11. Time Won't Own Me