cumgirl8 Watch Time March Forward on "glasshour"

Photo: Gerasimou Pinelopi

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Mar 5, 2024

Following last year's phantasea pharm EP and a supporting slot for Le Tigre on tour, cumgirl8 have returned with "glasshour," a first look at their debut album coming later this year.

"glasshour" is a reworking of their 2020 track "Hourglass," this time slowed and drenched in sludge.

"Thematically, it feels more relevant than ever; as we’re all ready to flip the glass and watch the sands run thin in this necrocapitalist power structure," the band said via press release. "The cowbell tolls like a doomsday alarm while we talk about justice. It felt right to slow the whole song down and punctuate that desire.”

Listen to "glasshour" below.

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