Converge "Precipice"/"All We Love We Leave Behind" (video)

Converge 'Precipice'/'All We Love We Leave Behind' (video)
Over a year on from the release of All That We Love We Leave Behind, Massachusetts hardcore pros Converge have treated the album's title track and preceding instro cut "Precipice" to an haunting, elemental video.

A press release explains that director Craig Murray's video was conceptualized "using the narrative put forth of the death of a canine companion as told in J. Bannon's lyrical writings." The artsy video finds a hirsute human in a variety of nature-showcasing settings, whether walking through mud with the animated ghost of a dog in his arms, being dragged through caves by said mystical pooch, or being tied up onto a craggy hilltop. Elsewhere, we see his face covered in flower petals and brain-burrowing maggots, as well as him undergoing primal scream therapy with his face submerged underwater.

You'll find the intriguing life cycle narrative behind the speedy, sadness-stricken cut down below.