Construction & Destruction "Peace/Agency" on Exclaim! TV x Pinball Sessions

Construction & Destruction 'Peace/Agency' on Exclaim! TV x Pinball Sessions
Colleen Collins and David Trenaman are a performing duo from Port Greville, Nova Scotia; together they write, sing, record, mix and produce under the name Construction & Destruction, all from the comfort of their living room studio, which they've affectionately named The Quarantine. Since the release of their first full-length, homebodies, in 2007, they've since released four records and a number of split compilations.

We caught up with the indie rockers at New Brunswick's Thunder & Lightning during SappyFest to capture some of these tunes for an Exclaim! TV collaborative session with Pinball Sessions. Collins and Trenaman duel through a calm yet cutthroat tune called "Peace/Agency." Watch the performance in the player below.

Filmed by Daniel Cooper and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Sound by James Anderson and Dan Beeson
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at SappyFest (Thunder & Lightning), Sackville, NB

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