Coliseum "Sunlight in a Snowstorm" (video)

Coliseum 'Sunlight in a Snowstorm' (video)
That was a pretty brutal winter, right guys? But in case the snow melted in your neck of the woods long ago, Kentucky post-hardcore act Coliseum are reminding you of how bitter things got in a frosty set of visuals for new tune, "Sunlight in a Snowstorm." Whether their fiery licks will warm you deep down to the cockles of your heart remains to be determined, but you can catch the video online, anyhow.

The track, pulled from the group's forthcoming Anxiety's Kiss LP, takes the band even further away from their more hardcore beginnings, playing like an eerie post-punk dirge spiked with the occasional herky-jerk six-string lick. The video, meanwhile, finds a winter goddess cascading through the bright-light glow of a snowy field or posing with frozen-faced statues, while other shadowy shots come from within a seemingly closed-off estate.

Anxiety's Kiss arrives May 5 through Deathwish Inc.