Chance the Rapper Explains Recent Illness, May Require Surgery

Chance the Rapper Explains Recent Illness, May Require Surgery
A couple of days ago, Chicago hip-hop upstart Chance the Rapper fell ill and had to cancel his Coachella appearance after being hospitalized. Now, the MC's manager has issued a statement explaining the details of the illness.

A letter from Chance's rep Patrick Corcoran dated April 22 explains that, last Friday (April 18), the rapper had a high fever and experienced difficulty breathing. He went home to L.A. to rest, but his fever rose to 104 degrees by Sunday, and he was unable to talk due to throat inflammation.

Chance then went to the hospital and was put on an IV drip, while medications regulated his temperature. He has since been diagnosed with tonsillitis and the flu. Evidently it's so serious that he may need surgery. Chance will be seeing a specialist on Thursday to determine whether this will be necessary. Presumably the surgery in question is a tonsillectomy.

Read the full letter below.

For now, Chance's gigs up until April 27 have been cancelled. He's got a busy schedule of festivals on the horizon, so it remains to be seen whether those will go ahead.