Chad VanGaalen Collects 'Lost Harmonies' on New Album

Take in the nine-track release through Bandcamp

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 2, 2020

Months after collecting Odds & Sods for a charity release, Chad VanGaalen has shared another new album. 

The nine-track Lost Harmonies can be streamed and purchased through Bandcamp below. VanGaalen writes that the collection brings together "the kind of songs I make to entertain myself late at night" in explaining the album's genesis.

"For the most part the songs on this album were intended to be part of a synth-focused record called Lost Harmony," he explains. "They were all improvised live as I recorded them — quick and dirty."

"I was always critical of the way it still sounded like my normal voice, and the album got shelved," he continues. "Eventually I returned to it and tried manipulating the sounds using pitch-shifting and changing tape speeds. I finally felt like it was cool to drool, and it evolved into Lost Harmonies."

VanGaalen notes that "Min Fun," which appeared on March's Odds & Sods 2, was initially supposed to open Lost Harmonies before it found a home on the fundraiser release.

Today marks another Bandcamp Friday, on which the company waives 100 percent of its revenue fees to put more money in the pockets of artists. Earlier this year, we spoke with COO Josh Kim about the company's endeavour.

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