CFCF Announces New Album 'Radiance and Submission'

CFCF Announces New Album 'Radiance and Submission'
While CFCF is best known for his electronic soundscapes, his 2013 album Outside incorporated vocals along with some live drums and guitar. The Montreal musician born Michael Silver will continue down this more organic path for his next LP, Radiance and Submission, which drops on July 31 through Driftless Recordings.

The album reportedly pairs Silver's synth textures with acoustic guitar arpeggios, which a press release likens to "a choir of otherworldly hammered dulcimers." These mingle with Silver's "sparse vocals," percussion, snippets of voices, field recordings and film samples.

Thematically, the eight-song album "celebrates the ephemeral." It's available to pre-order here in a run of 500 records; of these, 200 come on clear wax and 300 come on black.

We don't yet have any music to listen to from the album, but in the meantime, the tracklist is below and the cover artwork is above.

Radiance and Submission:

1. In Praise of Shadows
2. Sculptures of Sand 
3. A Various Language (From the Same Hill) 
4. Tethered in Dark 
5. The Ruined Map
6. Blanketed in Snow a Place Returned 
7. La Soufrière 
8. Two Mirrors