Cave In Final Transmission

Cave In Final Transmission
Out of heartbreak and tragedy emerges one of the most eloquent records from the Cave In catalogue. With the loss of their longtime friend and bass player Caleb Scofield, Cave In have created a eclectic mix of material that represents their entire discography. From the melodic elements of Jupiter to the sludgy stylings of Pitch Perfect Black, Final Transmission is a fitting chapter in the band's musical canon.
From the outset, Final Transmission strikes the listener with its raw and earnest sound production quality. Usually known for crystal-clear production, with records like Antenna and Tides of Tomorrow, Final Transmission's title track opener brings a much warmer and more intimate setup. The earnest quality highlighted in the production gives life and an unhinged energy previously not found on Cave In records.
Catchy hooks and chorus lines are what pervade the entirety of Final Transmission. From the earworm quality choruses of "An Illusion" and "Shake My Blood" to the guitar harmonies of "Winter Window" and "Strange Reflection," signature Cave In melodies are at the forefront. Balance has always been the key to success for Cave In.
Final Transmission feels like an intimate farewell letter to a lost friend, and a fitting tribute to former bass player Caleb Scofield. (Hydra Head)