Cave In Announce New Album 'Final Transmission'

It features the band's last recordings with late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield
Cave In Announce New Album 'Final Transmission'
After news broke earlier this year that Cave In were at work on a new record, the Boston outfit have shared the details behind the upcoming album.

Titled Final Transmission, the band's latest will arrive June 7 through Hydra Head Records. The album, originally intended to be released as a collection of demos, was mixed by Andrew Schneider and mastered by James Plotkin. 

Nine tracks in length, the album marks Cave In's first since 2011's White Silence and stands as their last to feature late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield.

Scofield was killed in a car crash last year, and half the proceeds of Final Transmission's sales will go to his wife and children. Scofield performs on all of the album's tracks, with bass, guitar and vocal contributions.

"Getting these mixes back was really hard," vocalist/guitarist Steve Brodsky said in a statement. "I don't think I've cried so much putting together any record. I've definitely felt like bursting into tears while I was working on things, but this was actual water being shed. I don't try to look too deeply into how these things work, but these recordings are some of our last moments spending time with him." 

Scofield also wrote lyrics for "All Illusion," which the band have shared alongside the album announcement. You can hear it in the player below.

Final Transmission is available for pre-order here.

Final Transmission:

1. Final Transmission 
2. All Illusion 
3. Shake My Blood 
4. Night Crawler 
5. Lunar Day 
6. Winter Window 
7. Lanterna 
8. Strange Reflection 
9. Led To The Wolves