Cave In Return with New Album 'Heavy Pendulum'

Watch a video for album opener "New Reality"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 15, 2022

Cave In have surfaced with details of a new album. The band will deliver seventh studio effort Heavy Pendulum on May 20 via Relapse, marking their first release on the label.

The 14-track Heavy Pendulum follows Cave In's 2019 LP Final Transmission, which marked their first LP since 2011's White Silence and their last to feature late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield.

"Cave In's been around for over 25 years now, and the time has come for an album that scales all of our creative peaks," guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky shared in a statement. "Talk about a wild and weird ride! And here we are with Heavy Pendulum — it certainly feels like a remarkable event, given the erratic trajectory of our band."

Brodsky and his bandmates are ushering in a "New Reality" in sharing the album's opening track alongside a video you can watch below. He continues, "'New Reality' was always the lead-off track — that was pretty obvious during the writing process. New line-up, new label, new album… a new reality indeed, and it all adds up to a new lease on life for Cave In."

Last year, Brodsky guested a collaborative album from Converge.

Heavy Pendulum:

1. New Reality
2. Blood Spiller
3. Floating Skulls
4. Heavy Pendulum
5. Pendulambient 
6. Careless Offering
7. Blinded By a Blaze
8. Amaranthine
9. Searchers of Hell
10. Nightmare Eyes
11. Days of Nothing
12. Waiting For Love
13. Reckoning
14. Wavering Angel

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