​Caribou Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Musical Endorsement

​Caribou Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Musical Endorsement
Photo: Luke Orlando
Caribou caught the ears of many with his Our Love single "Can't Do Without You," but the mastermind behind the electronic project, Dan Snaith, can apparently do without everybody appreciating the jam — especially prominent Republican radio hosts south of his home and native Canada.
Late last week, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh declared his love for the aforementioned Caribou song, deeming it his "new favourite song of all time right now, folks." He added, "I've been grooving to it in every free moment that I have."
Snaith, however, wasn't too stoked about being stamped with Limbaugh's seal of approval, taking to Twitter to put some distance between himself and any affiliation with the right-wing radio personality.
In an ultimatum-style tweet, Snaith told Limbaugh to "fuck off," then gave him the options to either "a) stop using my music on your show" or "b) stop being a bigot."

The political pessimist in us has a feeling that Limbaugh's probably leaning towards the former.