Brujeria Pocho Aztlan

Brujeria  Pocho Aztlan
After 16 years, Mexican-American deathgrind unit Brujeria (also including two notable Brits: Napalm Death's Shane Embury and Carcass's Jeff Walker) return with their long-awaited new album. Titled Pocho Aztlan, which loosely translates to "wasted promised land," the record is by no coincidence being released on Mexico's Independence Day.
The full-length follow-up to 2000's Brujerizmo presents more of the political and drug cartel-related themes characteristic of Brujeria. Main man and lyricist Juan Brujo broaches serious issues like drug trafficking, immigration and racial divides with oftentimes humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, adding to Brujeria's overall mystique and allure.
However, Pocho Aztlan is also thoughtful musically, which comes as no surprise given legendary members like Embury and Walker, who in Brujeria go by Hongo and El Cynico, respectively. Pocho Aztlan is possibly the band's most diverse offering to date; while "No Aceptan Imitaciones," "Satongo" and "Mexico Campeon" are straight-up blazing grindcore tracks, "Plata O Plomo," "Isla De La Fantasia" and "Debilador" feature some exceptionally intense, crushing grooves.
The album also has a more modern and cleaner sound than Brujeria's previous recordings, highlighting the flawless musicianship of the members, but it's the lyrical content that really captivates throughout Pocho Aztlan and stands as the most significant aspect of Brujeria. (Nuclear Blast)