Brawl Breaks Out at the Eagles Concert During "Take It Easy"

Don't even try to understand

Photo: David Toby

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 1, 2022

It's worthwhile to remind yourself that moments of pure poetry take place out there in the world every day, and sometimes we're lucky enough to witness them firsthand. And notably, even when we're not, we're often fortunate enough that someone was around to capture a video snippet that can later make the news.

Case and point: a brawl broke out at the Eagles' show in London's Hyde Park for the annual British Summertime Festival last Sunday (June 26) — while the band were performing "Take It Easy," of all things. Second only to maybe "Relax" by Frankie Goes Hollywood, this is a song that builds an absolute monument to chilling out.

Fans watching from the Diamond VIP section paid a minimum of £399 (or around $622 CAD) for guaranteed access to the premium standing viewing area in front of the Great Oak Stage. That's kind of a lot of money, but we suppose the opportunity to create incredible irony by starting a fight while some '70s soft-rockers croon, "Take it easy, take it easy / Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy," is simply priceless.

Ever the professionals, the band kept playing, perhaps hopeful that their words would eventually start to be absorbed by those intent on scuffling in the crowd. Security did their best to handle the situation, seemingly getting caught in the crossfires of more than one pair of brawling Eagles fans.

Apparently, Tom Cruise was also in the audience, as video footage shows the actor blissfully vibing to "The Boys of Summer." 

Watch a clip of the supremely un-chill incident [via Metro UK] below.


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