Brass "Talking Like an Idiot" / "Steal of a Deal"

Brass 'Talking Like an Idiot' / 'Steal of a Deal'
Blissfully unpolished Vancouver punk unit Brass are planning to ram a full-length titled No Soap Radio down our throats sometime soon, but ahead of the TBA release date, they're previewing the nasty action with a pair of teaser tracks.

"Talking Like an Idiot" is a massive blast of Swiz-styled post-hardcore, with an explosives-loaded arrangement of beats and licks detonating beneath wild howlings about an overly opinionated "drunk with a gun." "Steal of a Deal" is a fist-pumper surging with anthemic octaves, though there's very much so a downer twist to hopeless lyrics like "I can't help but keep doing this."

No Soap Radio follows Brass's self-titled EP from 2014. The new record was tracked at Rain City Recorders with Jesse Gander (White Lung, Japandroids). An ETA for the album has yet to be delivered, but you'll find the two preview streams down below, courtesy of BeatRoute.