Boys Night Out "Obsequiarch"

Boys Night Out 'Obsequiarch'
After years of inactivity and a one-off performance back in 2009, Canadian post-hardcore crew Boys Night Out are ready to let their new six-song EP Black Dogs off the leash next month. Ahead of its arrival, Exclaim! has your first listen to EP cut "Obsequiarch."

A press release notes that "shades of classic rock and Britpop elevate the emo-rooted sound to a whole other level" across all six tracks, evident in "Obsequiarch" with the track's liberal use of vocal harmonies, call and response vocals, and a crushing tempo change in the back half.

"The title Black Dogs is a metaphor for pain, addiction, depression," guitarist Jeff Davis explained in a statement. "It follows a concept that those negative aspects of the psyche are separate from the individual, and are carried around as an external being or unwanted friend — a black dog."

Black Dogs arrives on July 8 through Good Fight Music, and you can pre-order it here. For an idea of what's to come, take a listen to "Obsequiarch" in the player below.