Boys Night Out / Saint Alvia Cartel / Simcoe Street Mob The Reverb, Toronto ON June 28

Shortly before the opening act the room filled with youngsters and scenesters, what looked like two shit disturbers made their way to the stage. It could have been two drunks fucking around, but instead it was the Simcoe Street Mob. One dressed in tighty-whiteys, a purple belly top, a denim vest and tie-dye bandana, the other looked like Deener from — shirtless, moustachioed and wearing a blue print cheetah Speedo. Turns out that for the Simcoe Street Mob their clothes were a perfect fit for their white trash, simple minded, joke styled hip-hop. Like "Big Boob Baby,” these guys had songs for everything: sandwiches, burnt uncooked frozen fish sticks, even tuberculosis. Maybe they were out of place, but they were a highlight. Saint Alvia Cartel put the humour on hold as they filled the room with good vibrations of dub and reggae fused with punk rock rhythms. Definitely the best music to be heard that night as Boys Night Out were about to make redneck rap look good. Boys Night Out — fresh off the release of their new self-titled CD — were poor sounding at best. Their music just didn’t have the electricity it has had on numerous occasions prior. Maybe they were road weary, but Connor Lovat just didn’t have the same zeal he had when touring Train Wreck. The most impressed seemed to be the front row of young girls who knew every word Lovat was about to say. BNO did play a solid mix of songs from Make Yourself Sick so at least they knew not to neglect the die-hard fans.