Boys Night Out Black Dogs

Boys Night Out Black Dogs
Burlington, ON's Boys Night Out return to the scene with Black Dogs, the band's seventh studio venture and their first release in nine years. The record was produced in Toronto by Derek Hoffman (Seaway, Stick to Your Guns) with drum production by Jordo from YC (PUP, The Dirty Nil) and mastering by Alan Douches (Converge, Brand New).
The band's past five releases have been on Ferret Music, but when founding partners Carl Severson and Paul Conroy left to start Good Fight, they took BNO with them, which is a good fit for them, providing a bigger name for their comeback.
Black Dogs is a very natural progression for the band, an aged variation of their previous releases; it's as catchy as their self-titled LP and as diverse as Trainwreck, yet with a less polished, more crass aura that helps the music resonate. "Lust Phenomenon" is the standout tune, with solid lyrics and a playful back-and-forth between guitar and synth riffs.
Though it's technically an EP, Black Dogs feels like a satisfying, full-bodied project. Boys Night Out does in six songs what most bands struggle to do in 11 or 12. (Good Fight)