Boys Night Out to Reform for "Special" Show in Toronto, Hint at Full-On Reunion

Boys Night Out to Reform for 'Special' Show in Toronto, Hint at Full-On Reunion
Burlington, ON's favourite emo/pop/metal/hardcore sons Boys Night Out have announced that all their original members are getting back together for a reunion show. What's more, the group are also hinting that they could be taking on a proper "active band" status past that one show, according to a post on the group's MySpace page.

"Well, you know what they say, a shit leopard can't change its spots. After what feels like a hundred years of inactivity... we're going to play a show," says the post. "Now, to avoid any confusion, we're not saying this is our last show ever... buuut, it also doesn't mean that we're going to start touring again. It's just one show... however, it will be a fairly special show. In fact, it will be a once in a lifetime kind of show."

The band will play a single night in Toronto, possibly October 24, at a yet-to-be-decided venue with all five original members: singer Connor Lovat-Fraser, guitarist Jeff Davis, bassist Dave Costa, guitarist Rob Pasalic and drummer Ben Arseneau. They will only play songs from their first two releases - the Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses EP and the LP Make Yourself Sick - and nothing from concept album Trainwreck and their self-titled swan song.

"Just want to clarify that, so no one shows up and is bummed when they don't hear any later songs," the post reads.

The band add, "We're going to keep tickets cheap as hell, so you can save your money to buy us drinks at the bar. This is going to be an awesome night, we hope to see lots of old friends from all over the place come out to party. Once we have the venue locked down, we will let you know where you can get tickets in advance."