Bo Ningen "CC" (ft. Jehnny Beth) (video)

Bo Ningen 'CC' (ft. Jehnny Beth) (video)
Before Bo Ningen and Savages issue their collaborative Words to the Blind album, the factions are highlighting the previous team-up they did on Bo Ningen's III LP. A grim video has just surfaced behind the Japanese group's "CC," which features a cameo from Savages' Jehnny Beth.

The twisted post-punk soundscape is big on metal-scraping guitar work, mind-mangling beats and a scream-and-shout duet between Beth and Bo Ningen's Taigen Kawabe. In addition to some gloomy, shadow-heavy performance footage, there's also a series of shots of a man journeying between radiocative waste barreles and decrepit, abandoned home.

You'll find the video for the III single down below, while Words to the Blind arrives November 17 via Pop Noire and Stolen Recordings.