Blonde Diamond Find Power Through Sex in "4AM Eternal" Video

Blonde Diamond Find Power Through Sex in '4AM Eternal' Video
Vancouver-based dream-pop unit Blonde Diamond (f.k.a. Youngblood) have released a new video for "4AM Eternal."
Reemerging with a new name and a new four-piece lineup, the band are serving up "4AM Eternal" as an introduction to the latest chapter in their career.
"Our new single, '4AM Eternal,' is a song about sexual autonomy and finding power and confidence in multi-love," the band tell Exclaim! "It's an indulgent, fantastical love note to being open about unashamedly exploring your desires and really not giving a flying fuck what other people think. It emphasizes that it's okay to feel electrified by your own power."
The video encapsulates that idea with unusual but undeniably sexual images like pitted peaches, fishnets, handycams, drinks, intertwined tongues and mysterious white material frothing out of someone's mouth.
There are even animated renditions of the same images during the rip-roaring sax solo.
Watch the video for "4AM Eternal" below.