Bleeding Through Wolves Among Sheep

While equally grand in scope to Ferret's stellar Zao: The Lesser Lights Of Heaven DVD, where Trustkill's counterpart falls short is a) because Bleeding Through have a far less intriguing history, and b) the disc's far more drab and uninteresting presentation. The band is interviewed extensively with not one but two members questioned while being pampered at a hair salon (fashioncore, anyone?). As Bleeding Through originally began as a Throwdown/Eighteen Visions side-project, and thus were guaranteed an audience to begin with, there is no struggle to the top to over-dramatise, nor early basement/small club footage to reinforce the group's credibility. In fact, the strongest point of the DVD is the live performances, which are energetic and, for the most part, not terribly recorded. Watch for a particularly memorable crowd pile-on during "I Dream Of July." (Trustkill)