Bleeding Through Love Will Kill All

Bleeding Through Love Will Kill All
The return of Orange County metalcore pioneers Bleeding Through is as unrelentingly heavy as one would expect from one of the few bands of the new wave of American heavy metal who didn't soften over time. While many of their peers opted to go in a more radio-friendly direction as they progressed, Bleeding Through doubled down on their aggression, and their latest record, Love Will Kill All, shows the band aren't willing to back down from this position.
The new record isn't breaking new ground by any means, but it's a great reminder of an era of heavy metal and hardcore that brought forth so many new fans and fantastic artists. Love Will Kill All fits in seamlessly with Bleeding Through's discography, employing brutish breakdowns, melodic choruses and the band's unique symphonic and black metal influences throughout.
Haunting synths colour blast beat-filled passages particularly well on "Fade Into the Ash" and "Cold World," while the band take a more straightforward hardcore approach on "No One from Nowhere" and "Slave." The band frequently show their love of melodic death metal, as heard in the melodic thrashing on "Buried" or "Set Me Free." Vocalist Brandan Schieppati comes across just as burly as ever, bringing an imposing presence that is balanced with his clean singing and crisp backing vocals from Marta Peterson.
Longtime fans of Bleeding Through will be nothing but excited that Love Will Kill All stands as one of Bleeding Through's finest albums. With nothing left to prove to the world, the band are able to deliver an authentic representation of their many influences with a heavy-handed execution. (SharpTone)