Bleeding Through Break Up

Bleeding Through Break Up
After 14 years of brutalizing fans with breakdowns and keyboard sweeps, California metalcore crew Bleeding Through are calling it quits.

After some rumours of the band's breakup arrived online earlier this week, the long-running act confirmed their impending departure in a statement to Blabbermouth.

"When you have some success doing something that you love, you never really think about writing a statement about that something coming to an end. Well, that dream that we have had as Bleeding Through has come to an end," wrote the band's Brandan Schieppati. "I think I can speak for the rest of my bandmates in saying that we always hoped it would end on our terms, and it has."

Since forming in 1999, as a side-project to Schieppati's Eighteen Visions, the band recorded seven full-lengths and issued two DVDs that blended hardcore with melodic death metal and black metal textures. The group's last offering was 2012's The Great Fire, which Exclaim! called "the perfect summation of the band's career."

The band had also travelled the world supporting acts like Slayer and AFI, playing their own headlining shows, and participating in package treks like Ozzfest and the Warped Tour, among others.

Schieppati hinted that the split is amicable, explaining that "many of us just had life catch up with us in the way of marriages, kids, businesses and other endeavours. We can no longer dedicate what we need to to keep Bleeding Through going." 

"Personally, I feel doing this band in a part-time fashion is not what this band is about and and feel like we have always been an all-or-nothing band," he continued, before adding that Bleeding Through will be playing some farewell dates. "With that being said, and because we have established a worldwide following over the last 14 years, we want to give us and those people one more chance to share in this music together."

Show specifics are expected to pop up sometime soon, but Bleeding Through have so far announced that they will be heading to Europe for some final concerts.