Black Joe Lewis 'Electric Slave' (album stream)

Black Joe Lewis 'Electric Slave' (album stream)
We're all a little too obsessed with our cellphones. That's the message of Black Joe Lewis's new album, Electric Slave, which is out on August 27 through Vagrant/Universal. Ahead of the album's in-store arrival, the whole thing is available to stream on

The album's 11 songs are reflective of Austin's vibrant music scene, as rock and punk mix with more rootsy elements. The careening "Young Girls" is a rockabilly roller coaster of six-string distortion and screamed vocals, while "My Blood Ain't Runnin' Right" incorporates big band horns into its ragged arrangement, "Come to My Party" has a celebratory funk mood that befits the title, and "Vampire" sports slinky blues licks.

The album was largely produced by Stuart Sikes (the White Stripes, Cat Power, Modest Mouse) at Church House Studios in Austin. Three additional tunes were produced by John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky, St. Vincent, the Walkmen) at Elmwood Studios in Dallas.

Lewis said in a statement, "Electric Slave is what people are today with their faces buried in their iPhones and the only way to hold a conversation is through text. The next step is to plug it in to your damned head."

Listen to how that translates on record below.