Bishop Nehru "Breath (Prana/$pirit)"

Bishop Nehru 'Breath (Prana/$pirit)'
After having metal-faced beatmaster DOOM handle the production on NehruvianDOOM, New York young'un Bishop Nehru is showing us his handiwork behind the boards on new loosie "Breath (Prana/$pirit)."

An elastic bounce drives Nehru's funkified beat, with a ripple of oscillating keyboard work looping lightly beneath the backbeat. An ad-lib in the intro explains that the kid put this together around 4:50 in the morning, with the pre-dawn timeline inspiring him to spit big and keep the hip-hop world honest ("trying to keep the game from getting rigged").

Trying to keep a free spirit, Nehru's mantra-style chorus explains the cleansing effects of breathing properly.

You'll find the calming, groove-heavy exercise down below.