Beverly Glenn-Copeland Details 'Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined'

He's also shared ambient artist Ana Roxanne's remix of "Old Melody"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 16, 2021

Pioneering electronic composer and generally-beloved person Beverly Glenn-Copeland has detailed Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined, the remix album of his seminal 1986 record that was announced earlier this year. 

Julia Holter, Bon Iver and Flock of Dimes, Joseph Shabason and Thom Gill, Arca and Ana Roxanne will all feature on the record, alongside previously shared remixes from Kelsey Lu, Blood Orange and Jeremy Dutcher

Along with the full tracklist, Copeland has also shared Roxanne's rendition of "Old Melody," entitled "Old (New) Melody."

Roxanne said of the track:

I really enjoyed the process of recreating "Old Melody" using my voice. I felt as though I could find my own interpretation of this piece through this reworking, with no lyrics or any specific words in the title to work with. Beverly Glenn-Copeland's work and artistry have been a huge inspiration for me: very beautiful music that took its time to blossom into the world. I am honoured to be a part of this compilation with so many artists I admire.

Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined is out December 10 on Transgressive. Hear "Old (New) Melody" and see the album's full tracklist below. 

Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined

1. Ever New (Reworked by Bon Iver & Flock of Dimes)
2. Fastest Star (Julia Holter Remix)
3. Let Us Dance (Arca Remix)
4. Old (New) Melody (by Ana Roxanne)
5. Ever New (Kelsey Lu's Transportation)
6. Sunset Village (Blood Orange Remix)
7. Ever New (Reworked by Joseph Shabason & Thom Gill)
8. Ghost House (Performed by Jeremy Dutcher)

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