Belle and Sebastian Announce New Album 'A Bit of Previous'

Hear the harmonica-wailing new single "Unnecessary Drama"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 2, 2022

Twee heroes Belle and Sebastian are back with their first proper full-length in seven years. A Bit of Previous is due out May 6 via Matador, and the single "Unnecessary Drama" is out now.

The band had intended to record in Los Angeles in spring 2020, but they recorded in Glasgow instead due to the pandemic. It was self-produced and self-recorded (with assistance from Brian McNeill, Matt Wiggins, Kevin Burleigh and Shawn Everett).

The album title is inspired by Buddhism and the idea of reincarnation. A press release promises a wide range of sounds including "Euro synths," "bittersweet funk," "doo-wop" and "one of the band's heaviest outings since, well, ever." Guitarist Stevie Jackson contributes a "country waltz" called "Deathbed of My Dreams."

Below, check out the video for "Unnecessary Drama" (which is the aforementioned "heaviest song" in the band's catalogue). The "more cowbell"-style clip shows Jackson stealing all the attention away from his bandmates with his wailing harmonica." The tracklist for A Bit of Previous is below that. There are four different album cover variants, which can be seen above. The album is available to preorder in various formats here.

Belle and Sebastian will be touring in support of the album, but there aren't any Canadian dates just yet.

In 2018, Exclaim! interviewed Belle and Sebastian for a career-spanning Timeline feature.

A Bit of Previous:

1. Young and Stupid
2. If They're Shooting at You
3. Talk to Me Talk to Me
4. Reclaim the Night
5. Do It for Your Country
6. Prophets on Hold
7. Unnecessary Drama
8. Come On Home
9. A World Without You
10. Deathbed of My Dreams
11. Sea of Sorrow
12. Working Boy in New York City

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