B-Lines "Normal Again" (video)

B-Lines 'Normal Again' (video)
If the last several years have taught us anything, it's that the trashed-up sounds of Vancouver hardcore crew B-Lines are perfect for setting a romantic mood. Need proof? Well, check out the candle-lit and rose petal-covered soft-core shoot that serves as a video for the group's Opening Band rage-out, "Normal Again."

Director Owen Ellis (Johnny de Courcy, Sunshine) first shows us an intentionally cheesy/dramatic scene where a "greasy club rat" tries to ask his date over for a night cap. She promptly dismisses the proposal, but ends up meeting someone of a more sensual nature on her way home.

What follows is a veritable Schnitzler's sexcapade involving plenty of masks, wax, nightmarishly enthusiastic orgy supporters and, obviously, the rag-tag clatter of the B-Lines. See for yourself below. 

As previously reported, B-Lines are set to play their last show on September 11 at Vancouver's Hindenburg. Before that, they'll be playing at the city's Black Lab on Friday (August 21). You can find out more info about the latter over here.