Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump in Twitter Spree

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 1, 2016

It's easy to think that all of your favourite rappers are Democrats. After all, Killer Mike is an unabashed Bernie Bro and Hillary Clinton channelled her inner Migos when she hit a dab on Ellen DeGeneres. Still, the political spectrum of the American rap world is a lot more diverse than you might expect. Outspoken MC Azealia Banks, for example, has revealed that she's going to vote for Trump.

Last night (January 31), Banks offered up a lengthy Twitter spree explaining that she plans to vote for the controversial Republican candidate when the election rolls around. She used the same reasoning as many of his other supporters, claiming that he's the only one who will stand up to big businesses.

Further, it's worth noting that her political stance comes from a place of hopelessness, as she sees America as a "racist land of make believe."

Of course, her stance on Trump was met with some hateful replies.

If you're still a fan despite her Trump support, you can check out Banks' next single "The Big Beat" when it drops on February 7.

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