Arthur Russell's 'Tower of Meaning' Gets Vinyl Reissue

Arthur Russell's 'Tower of Meaning' Gets Vinyl Reissue
The late Arthur Russell is having another part of his impressive, experimental catalogue put back onto vinyl. Over 30 years after first arriving on wax, his Tower of Meaning is being dusted off for a new edition, which sees release April 8 through Audika Records.

A press release explains that the upcoming Audika edition replicates the artwork of the original LP, which had been delivered through Chatham Square Productions in 1983 and now fetches a pretty penny on Discogs. This latest pressing will trim the cost down quite a bit and comes with remastered audio.

Described as an "epic minimalist orchestral composition," Tower of Meaning was composed by Russell but conducted by Julius Eastman for a 1981 recording session. You can hear a bit of the "stunningly beautiful, mercurial, and moving" mesh of strings, brass and chimes down below.

While initially appearing as a standalone release, Tower of Meaning had also popped up as part of the Audika-released First Thought Best Thought compilation from 2006, which was spread out over two two CDs or three LPs.

Tower of Meaning:

1. Tower of Meaning
2. Tower of Meaning
3. Tower of Meaning
4. Tower of Meaning
5. Tower of Meaning
6. Tower of Meaning
7. Fragments From Tower of Meaning