Art Bergmann "Cassandra"

Art Bergmann 'Cassandra'
Like many today (March 24), West Coast musician Art Bergmann is reflecting on the not guilty verdict handed down in the Jian Ghomeshi trial. Both helping promote his new The Apostate LP and serving to support survivors of sexual abuse, he's just unveiled a stream of the record's "Cassandra."

A press release explains that the tune, a piano ballad sung both gravelly and tenderly by Bergmann, is his take on the Greek myth of Cassandra. Raped, used and cursed by Apollo, no one believed her story.

"The story of Cassandra lives on; only instead of Apollo, it's the Canadian Justice system spitting in the mouths of our violated women," Bergmann said in a statement.

He adds of the track:

What to do with violent men? My better half, Sherri Decembrini got it right for me, after I made the mistake on first writing that I thought I might know how it would feel to be the woman, hence the line 'I'll never know how it feels to be a woman.' We think we are more civilized than other cultures.

The Apostate, Bergmann's first solo record in 18 years, arrives April 8 through Weewerk.