Arghoslent Hornets Of The Pogrom

A pogrom is a focused attack on an ethnicity or minority group; hornets are a type of wasp that can sting multiple times. The word "Arghoslent” is Greek, apparently meaning "selfless and devoted.” Romance paired with threatening metaphors can only mean melodic death metal. And they do it well, with plenty of pouty riffs that make you hope it all works out. The songs are epic but not self-obsessed, with changes happening at the pace of a teenage crush. Refreshing. It shows it helps to have your heart set on something — many bands head out on adventure only to forget where they were going. The lyrics deal with slavery but isn’t that every lover’s dream? Despite what’s depicted, you can tell the band feels a certain sympathy, maybe even envious, of their moniker’s historical significance. After all, bondage is unforgettable. Hornets Of The Pogrom could be a harsh record if it weren’t so reassuring, to both the scene and the soul. (Drakkar)