Are Alexisonfire Releasing a New Album?

There's been some interesting recent activity on the band's page

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 18, 2022

Gird your loins, young cardinals: beloved St. Catharines post-hardcore band Alexisonfire might be gearing up to release a new album soon.

While nothing has been officially been announced yet, sparse metadata for an unreleased album titled Otherness has been added to AOF's Genius artist page — complete with album artwork, a tracklist and a release date of June 17, 2022. The band's most recently released single, 2020's "Season of the Flood," is not included among the 10 song titles.

Now, this all has to be taken with a grain of salt, since Genius allows its members to add songs and albums to their database. One particular genius by the name of xcarlupanddiex is attributed as the source of the data. It's hard to say whether Carl (may we call you Carl?) is an industry insider of some sort, a fan or a con artist eager to perpetuate an elaborate hoax.

Exclaim! has reached out to representatives of the band for comment. 

See the rumoured tracklist for the rumoured album below.


1. Committed to the Con
2. Sweet Dreams of Otherness
3. Sans Soleil
4. Conditional Love
5. Blue Spade
6. Dark Night of the Soul
7. Mistaken Information
8. Survivor's Guilt
9. Reverse the Curse
10. World Stops Turning

Alexisonfire's most recent studio album remains 2009's Old Crows / Young Cardinals, released about two years before the band decided to call it quits ahead of officially reuniting in 2015. Last year, guitarist Wade MacNeil released his debut solo album as Dooms Children.

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