Architects "Gone with the Wind" (video)

Architects 'Gone with the Wind' (video)
"You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all?" This is the bleak, philosophical abyss Architects explore on their latest All of Our Gods Have Abandoned Us single, "Gone with the Wind." You can ponder the idea for yourself while watching the metalcore vets crush the track in its new music video.

The CGI-infused clip finds the band performing in front of the bleached-out, circular artwork that will appear on the album cover, with the quintet bashing out beats, and delivering complex and chunky guitar runs. As if performed during a nuclear winter, the band are covered in an ash that falls from the sky.

You can peep the scene below, while the band's All of Our Gods Have Abandoned Us arrives May 27 through Epitaph Records/UNFD/New Damage.