Annalibera 'Nevermind I Love You' (album stream)

Annalibera 'Nevermind I Love You' (album stream)
Des Moines, Iowa-based trio Annalibera are set to release their debut LP Nevermind I Love You next week, but Exclaim! has got you covered with an advanced stream of the record right now.
Driven by the vocals and keyboards of frontwoman Anna Gebhardt — whose eclectic musical influences range from classical composition to PJ Harvey and Aphex Twin — the band is rounded out by Phil Young on bass and Ryan Stier on guitar. Their debut record was mixed and recorded at Wabi Sound in Des Moines by Young and mastered by Carl Saff, and incorporates the three tracks from their self-titled EP, plus five brand new songs. 
Gebhardt's music draws from her experience growing up on a farm near Scotia, Nebraska, where she says records were her "link to the world beyond my remote farm life." Eventually moving on to study voice at Drake University, Gebhardt was as inspired by Mozart as she was by the likes of Kate Bush and Björk.
Nevermind I Love You is the culmination of her musical education and collaboration with her bandmates, resulting in an album of songs that range from slow and haunting ballads ("Moving Song") to dreamy pop ("Battle World," "Blooms") to crunchy, guitar-driven indie-rock ("Clouds," "Mountain.")
"For some of us, the search for true love is laced with a lot of confusion — and lies disguised as love," says Gebhardt about the themes on the new record. "Nevermind I Love You is me calling myself out, and anyone else who has done this too, for hiding behind 'love'. For the act of ignoring whatever's important in the name of love, justifying treating yourself, others, or the world badly… It's about how we say, 'Let's not deal with our bullshit. Let's stay safe and keep doing this the wrong way because we're scared, okay? Because I can just say I love you and we feel better for a second.'"
Nevermind I Love You arrives on March 24 via Sump Pump Records, but you can give it a spin in the player below right now.