​Anjulie Premieres New Single "Hold Me Down"

​Anjulie Premieres New Single 'Hold Me Down'
Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Anjulie has written for and worked with some of pop's biggest names like Diplo, Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj, but she's stepping into the spotlight alone on her latest single.
Titled "Hold Me Down," the song is about the being your real self in the early stages of a new relationship, exposing insecurities and vulnerabilities and wondering if your significant other will still be into you.
"At the beginning of most relationships people present their best, most progressive selfs and gradually you find out who they really are," Anjulie tells Exclaim! "This is me putting it all out there like, 'Hey I'm weird and insecure and scared and sometimes bad at life — do you still fuck with me? If so, then I got you too.'"
Hear her lay it all on the line by listening to "Hold Me Down" below.